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For a better Tustin


Jorge has a plan that will speak to the underserved areas of our community. 1) create a college scholarship program of $7500 per year for our Tustin High School students that is 100% privately funded.  

2) Jorge will use his contacts in the legal community to solicit other lawyers to take on pro bono work in certain areas of law including family law, landlord tenant, and wills & trusts law for our Tustin residents.

3) Jorge will repurpose existing city staff members to work with our residents to find jobs.  So many of us have lost work due to the health pandemic! 

4) Expanding the Free English class program for Tustin Residents through Tustin Adult School.

Jorge calls the new program "Tustin Cares" because Tustin DOES care!

School Bus & Children


There is nothing more important than working with our Police Department to ensure that Tustin remains safe for our families and children.  After speaking with the police chief about staffing needs, Jorge is committed to adding at least 5 uniformed highly trained police officers in his first year in office.  Those officers need to be the brightest and the best.  That means committing to fair long term contracts for our officers.

police with kids.tiff
police with kids.jpg


We need to make sure our Tustin business community is supported.  We need to create a program where our local businesses are given notice of city contracts with an opportunity to bid on them.  Sales tax revenues are driven by reducing government regulations and allowing the private sector to do what they do best, build and create.  Jorge is committed to making sure that our local businesses know that the city wants them to succeed.  He will do everything he can to approve development plans in the city.

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